Whether in the same building or miles away, your team won't miss anything important going on with your projects.

Everything you need to work on your tasks

Use customized labels and checklists to define the scope

Share information with comments and files

Keep an eye on the finish line with status, due dates, and milestones

Ideal for your teams

Participate in many project, with many roles, at the same time.

Lavagna gives you the ability to define projects the way you want: your team, your labels, your milestones, your board.

Not convinced yet? Here is a list of features that may do

Multiple login providers: Google, Twitter, Github, LDAP, Gitlab (also on premises!), or add your own OAuth provider.

Fine grained access control: different projects, different roles.

Power search: metadata and full-text search are available.

Integrations: you can add your own scripts that react on system events.

Don't fear migration: import your boards and cards from Trello.

Open source: nobody likes bad surprises. With Lavagna, you can always see what's going on behind the scene.